Check It Out, My Christmas Tree (2018)

The 2018 version of a 2017 Christmas song. It’s a little New Wave this year.

Wanna Record Your own Version?

I created a strummy backup track ( ) so you can record your own gang singing my lyrics or your own lyrics. Here how:

1 – Gather your singers. Play them the video with the singing so they can learn how the song goes.

Here’s the strummy version from 2017.

2 – Gather your singers in front of your Christmas tree.

3 – Play this video up on a tablet or phone ( ), and put the device near your signers (ideally behind). They’ll sing to this strummy back up music.

4 – Set up a camera to record your group and your tree, and press whatever magic buttons needed to make it record video.

5 – Direct your singers to sing these words or whatever words you want to the strummy backup music. Go through it a few times. We don’t need a perfect video. I’ll pick out one that works. (Or you can edit it…whatever.)

6 – Post your video to YouTube.

And Merry Christmas.