My Gear and Software

Sometimes somebody asks about gear and software, so here’s a run down.


Gibson SG

1979 Gibson, The "SG"

I play a walnut ’79 Gibson The “SG”. Great for lead and clean finger picking and hammering. Fine for background strummy stuff, too.

It’s all original (except for pots and the nut) with one Gibson Humbucking pickup and one TGA Super Humbucking pickup (the “Velvet Brick”). The switchable pickups, each with a tone control, have a nice range from brightly thin to heavy.

What I like most is the dynamic range. With moderate distortion, light playing is clean while hard playing is punchy and distorted. Light finger picking with good amplification has a lingering bass giving it some bottom.

Taylor Grand Auditorium 414ce

Taylor 414ce

My primary acoustic is a 2006 Grand Auditorium 414ce. Great strummy sound.

In the studio, it has a really nice, full sound to capture with the mic. For live gigs, the electronics are good for strummy accompaniment. Solid feel and solid sound all around.

Pedals and Effects

Line 6 POD xt Live®

Line 6 POD xt Live

What a nice concept: emulate classic guitar amps on a computer. And the Line 6 POD does that well. I typically use either a Marshall model or a  Mesa/Boogie® model for distorted sound. I use Line 6 Clean model for clean sound.

The sounds seem authentic. In any case, the sounds are sweet. The software makes editing the sounds easy. I do, indeed, like my POD xt Live.

Line 6 Pocket POD®

Line 6 Pocket Pod

Similar to the POD, and this one fits in your pocket. It holds lots of amp models. The only thing: the sound isn’t as good as the POD xt Live®. It’s okay, but not the same fullness. Or maybe I haven’t adjusted it right. I like the sound of a Squire Strat (single coil) with a tone I don’t like with my SG (double coil). Overall it sounds good, and it fits in a pocket.


Reaper Digital Audio Workstation

Reaper, Digital Audio Workstation

For my composing and mixing, I use Reaper. It supports VSTs, MIDI composing and lots more. It does everything I need.

  • multitracking
  • audio processing
  • MIDI tracking, edting
  • composing with VSTs and digital instruments
  • virtual instruments, virtual guitar pedals
  • mixing
  • creating high-quality audio files

And lots more. I don’t use everything, but it let’s me compose, mix and create my music on my computer.

Reaper Website


BandHelper Logo

This is one of my favorite apps because it syncs all my devices with my songs, back up music and set lists. With Band Helper, I can create set lists and upload audio files. Then, like magic, they show up on my phone, tablet and all my devices for use at live gigs. It makes that a lot easier.

BandHelper Website